Sunday, May 29, 2016

Good Experience in Ras al Khaimah

Ras al khaimah, which is one of the seven emirates of United Arab Emirates is an unforgettable and a memorable Arabian experience for the visitors. The beauty of the Ras al khaimah is evergreen and everlasting with its diverse landscapes.The land of Ras al khaimah is rich in wide variety of vegetation and many number and varieties of animal species.

The diverse landscapes includes mountains, deserts, beaches, mangroves, and the lands of ancient cultural sites which shows us the tradition and culture of the Arab land before years.
With the emirate of Ras al khaimah presenting an ultimate outdoor experience for the visitors, the hotel Ras al khaimah offers an excellent indoor experience for the visitors, with best facilities and services which can be provided to them at least possible amount. The hotel Ras al khaimah is one of the best hotels of Ras al khaimah offering excellent relaxation techniques like international cuisines and selective and authentic spa treatment.

The attractive feature of hotel Ras alkhaimah is that it is at a distance of only 15 minutes from the Ras al khaimah international airport and is at a distance of only 45 minutes from the Dubai international airport.

The hotel Ras al khaimah offers a good experience of spa treatment with using some authentic oils. The word spa means a kind of medicinal bath, which is done in order to keep the health of the body and mind. The hotel Ras al khaimah provides different techniques such as aromatherapy, artificial waterfall, feetbath, hot spring, mud bath, hot tub, jet hydro massage, steam bath, peat pulp bath, body wraps, massage, mud wraps, manicures and pedicures and waxing. Separate saunas are available for men and women.

The gym has advanced techniques to keep the visitors healthy and fit. Floodlit tennis courts and indoor squash courts are also available. The visitors can feel relaxed at the temperature controlled swimming pool separate for adults and children. Kids club caters to keep the kids with various activities.

The hotel Ras al khaimah also offers 92 comfortably furnished elegant rooms and suites with mezzanine + three floors and with excellent facilities.With 45 standard rooms, 37 twin rooms, 3 presidential or royal suites, 1 julphar suite and 6 executive suites.  The accommodation is pleasantly and comfortably furnished with superb room aminities. The Hotel Ras al khaimah is located at the heart of the hill with magnetizing view of the creek and mind blowing scenery of the corniche and the Hajar mountains.

The tower links golf course [ 18 holes ] and shopping malls are only at a short distance from the hotel.  The attractive historic and traditional views and experiences of Ras al khaimah are also only at a short distance from the hotel Ras al khaimah.  It also provides Royal catering services for VIPs, Royal, dignitaries visiting Ras al khaimah, wedding events, conference and meetings.

The hotel provides all the essential services like 24 hour internet with high speed, ladies and gent’s saloon, laundry and dry cleaning, business centre and 24 hour room services. Thus with all the excellent facilities and services available at reasonable or affordable amounts, hotel Ras al khaimah provides a relaxing, enjoyable and ever memorizing holiday for the visitors of Ras al khaimah.


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Best hotels in Ras al khaimah

Ras al khaimah which means the ‘ top of the tent ‘ is situated in the northern part of the UAE. Due to the varied landscapes,  Ras al khaimah is one of the most interesting and attractive places in the world. Thus it is a destination of large number of people both as tourists and also for various business purposes.

The Ras al khaimah hotel  is one of the best hotels of Ras al khaimah which provides the visitors the best opportunity to have a wonderful stay and also to have a move through the beauty of the varied landscapes of the Ras al khaimah. The hotel is well crafted and it is aesthetically designed for the complete comfort of the visitors. The hotel offers all the services and facilities at affordable and cheaper rates. Due to the facilities available and its affordable rates, it is one of the most visited and top standing hotels of Ras al khaimah and many people prefer to have a comfortable stay in hotel Ras al khaimah.

The different varieties of food items available in Ras al khaimah hotel is one of the most important attractive features. Diverse choices of international buffet is available, the dining restaurant also offers traditional and modern food varieties, and also a mixture of both traditional and modern varieties of food. And 24 hours room service is available for dinning. Lebanese cuisine mixed with some Arabian and Indian influences is often considered a local food.

What we can expect is traditional Lebanese mezze with hummos, mutabal, salads, falafel, kebabs, biriyani, fish or lamb and numerous varieties of fast foods and Chinese foods are also available. Considering a large number of Indians in Ras al khaimah there are plenty of Indian dishes available in hotelRas al khaimah. Freshly squeezed fruit juices and Arabic coffee and tea are also available. Another peculiarity is seasonal foods are available and foods according to the festivals or the situations are also arranged accordingly. Different varieties of ice creams and drinks are also available.

Functions like business meetings, marriages, engagements, and many others are done with a well accommodation, varieties of foods, excellent facilities and services at affordable rates, with full customer satisfaction.

Another attractive feature is the Ras al khaimah International Airport is only at a distance of 15 minutes and the Dubai International Airport is at a distance of 45 minutes from the hotel Ras al khaimah. Thus it is at a reasonable distance from the airports to reach.

Other facilities available in the hotel includes a 24 hours internet service, gym with all the advanced technologies and equipments and facilities with instructions are also available which helps to keep your body fit and healthy, spa treatment with certain authentic and traditional oils are also available which helps to keep your body refreshing and rejuvenating, separate temperature controlled swimming pools for children and adults are available, saloons for men and ladies, laundry facilities, internal sports clubs and 24 hours room facilities are also available. 

The shopping malls and the golf park are only at a small distance from the Ras al khaimah hotel. Thus the visitors can enjoy a memorable and comfortable stay, enjoying all facilities and services at the Ras al khaimah hotel. 

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Rak Hotels

Well furnished rooms in Ras al Khaimah hotel
Ras al khaimah is one of the seven emirates of United Arab Emirates. RAK is the short form of Ras al Khaimah. The interesting and attractive part of the Ras al khaimah is its varied landscapes, it is famous for its fertile lands, coastal areas, mountains and mangroves, and the red sanded deserts. The waters of the Arabian gulf at 64 Km forms the western border and in the eastern part there is a part of Hajar mountain. Along with this Ras al khaimah is host for different varities of  birds like flamingos, cormorants, herons, terns, gulls, plovers, sun birds, ring-necked parakeets, vultures, and even more varities; and mammals like camels, different varities of foxes and wild cats, goats, feral donkeys, leopards, wolves, stiped hyenas and many other endangered species of animals. Thus increasing the beauty of Ras al khaimah. Which gives a pleasant and enjoyable place for stay.

The hotel ras al khaimah is one of the best hotels in Ras al khaimah which provides an attractive home for stay on all the aspects of life at affordable and reasonable rates. The hotel offering a comfortably furnished 92 elegant rooms  and suites with mezzannine + three floors and excellent facilities.It has 45 standard rooms, 37 twin rooms, 3 presidential or royal suites, 1 julphar suite and 6 excecutive suites.

The hotel Ras al khaimah is at 15 minutes away from Ras al khaimah International Airport and just 45 minutes away from Dubai International Airport.

The room amenities provided are high speed internet access, LCD with satellite TV, safety box, mini bar, hair drier and toiletries.  Other facilities includes the business centre, 24 hours room services, laundry and dry cleaning, ladies saloon/ men's saloon, gym and spa treatment with latest equipments and techniques. Kids club caters for the kids with various activities. Separate swimming pools for adults and children, separate sauna for men and women and indoor squash courts and floodlit tennis courts. The spa with authentic oils and different relaxing techniques gives relaxation and refreshment for both body and mind, which helps to rejuvenate our body.

Hotel Ras al Khaimah provides Royal Catering Services since 1975 and have hosted banquets for VIPs, Royals and dignitaries visiting Ras al khaimah.

The hotel Ras al khaimah is providing rooms and services at a great standard and at an affordable rate for many years; thus creating a position as one of the best hotels of Ras al khaimah.